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Disable wordpress website rss feed pluging

Disable wordpress website rss feed using plugin

I know that do you want to know about how to disable WordPress website rss feed.Here we will learn about how to disable wordpress Rss feed with pluging.
You have no way to disable Rss feed in wordpress,by default.


How many way to disable wordpress rss feed
Two way to disable rss feed in wordpress
1. First way to disable rss feed with plugin
2.second way to disable rss feed with coding.
In this post we will know about first way to disable rss feed with coding.
Go to google.com and search “” disable feed plugin””
You will see many plugin for you
Select one plugin and download now this file. Sin in your WordPress and click on plugin and click on add new plugin and upload your download file and active this plugin.  If they work , this is for you.
If they not work so this plugin is not for you.
Then try other plugin.
I know that one plugin, his name is “””disable feed plugin by samir shah and bbpress and support by mathew sigley”””

download this  plugin :=

About disable feeds pluging
This plugin disables all RSS/ATOM/RDF feed from your website.

All requests for feed will be reacted to the corresponding HTML content.


if come bugs in your website ,please go to support forum. if they unable to fix your problem then first disable this plugin after delete this plugin & try other  other plugin.

why, we will not indiacate about  2nd method ?

2nd method is not for wordPress beginner  Cause when you will paste a code in your functions.php file and if you will get error , how can you fix this problem so that most easy way to disable wordPress RSS feed with plugin.if you don’t want to use plugin then go to google.com and search “”how to disable Rss feed using coding.and you will get many website.

Read his/her post and copy this code and paste in you FUNCTIONS.PHP file but your own  risk.

We are not recommending this method